A Few Zines:
Our Zines, Sumoscraper and Skyscrapers of the Dead, were part of this traveling show which first opened in 2008 at Columbia University's Studio X. Put together by writer Mimi Zeiger, the exhibition examines proves that the printed word lives on and in fact, is a thriving sub-culture. The show will be coming to Los Angeles in August 2009. You may see an "up-close and personal" shot of the Boston show here.

Grafting: Publishing and Practice comes at a time when the economic crisis is wreaking havoc on both the architecture and publishing professions—shelter magazines closing, new construction stalled out. Speakers from a wide range of architectural media: blogs, journals, zines, and magazines, will look at the state of architectural media, consider its role in practice, and explore future publishing models.

Braulio Agnese, Architect magazine
Chris Grimley, over,under
Ryan McClain, ArchitectureMNP
Quilian Riano, Archinect.com
John Southern, Sumoscraper and Urban Operations Studio

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