Ukendt: Igloo, a collaboration between Urban Operations and the Danish artist Anja Franke, was designed and installed at the Materials and Applications space in Los Angeles during the Spring and Summer of 2007. The project was a contemporary re-interpretation of the classic igloo morphology and resulted in a fully inhabitable structure made of giant bamboo, industrial felt, and rattan.


Early concept sketch by M&A

Developed section drawing (U.O.)

Concept model (M&A with U.O.)

Concept model (M&A with U.O.)

The igloo's structure

Steel cross-ties join the structure

Industrial felt used in the skin

The artist Anja Frankie at work

The Igloo on opening day

Side view of the Igloo

Opening party

Visitors enjoying the Igloo

Water-misted skylight

"Pun" the M&A dog enjoying the sun